Morning Headlines for Slovenia: Monday, 10 May 2021

By , 10 May 2021, 03:55 AM News
Morning Headlines for Slovenia: Monday, 10 May 2021 Flickr - Mark Belokopytov CC-by-nd-nc-2.0

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Slovenia soon to have greater involvement in vaccine production

PORTO, Portugal - Prime Minister Janez Janša commented on the proposal to waive patent rights on Covid-19 vaccines by pointing to the problem of insufficient production capacities, which he said not even full liberalisation of patent rights would not solve at the moment. He noted that Slovenia is already involved in vaccine production through a company purifying vaccines. Moreover, he said "one of large Slovenian pharmaceutical companies is establishing capacities as part of the chain it belongs to. First vaccine production is to be launched as early as the end of the year."

Slovenia marks Europe Day

LJUBLJANA - The Foreign Ministry marked Europe Day drawing attention to Slovenia's presidency of the Council of the EU starting on 1 July, saying that "Slovenians can feel the EU and the EU Slovenia even more" this year. "We believe the European Union can offer many good solutions that member countries could not have achieved on their own and it is thus worth aspiring for its further progress," the ministry said on the occasion. Events marking Europe Day have been running in Slovenia since Monday.

Conditions for yellow Covid tier all but met

LJUBLJANA - Slovenia all but met the conditions to move to tier yellow of coronavirus restrictions as hospitalisations fell below 500 and the 7-day average fell to 614, just 14 above the threshold. Government data show that 289 coronavirus cases were confirmed yesterday from 2,406 PCR tests. The number of patients hospitalised with Covid-19 fell to 498 and seven patients died. According to the National Institute of Public Health, the number of estimated active cases has fallen below 9,000.

70,000 masks for EU presidency events

LJUBLJANA - While it is not yet clear how many of the 185 events planned in Slovenia during its presidency of the Council of the EU will be held in-person, the Foreign Ministry estimates it will need about 70,000 face masks for the presidency events. "We are planning the use of hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants, and of surgical and FFP2 masks," the ministry said. A mobile coronavirus testing unit will be made ready for some events, while the press centre at Brdo and shuttle services from Ljubljana will be adapted to allow precautionary measures are observed.

Minister notes role of cultural tourism in economic recovery

LJUBLJANA - Culture Minister Vasko Simoniti talked about the tourism ecosystem as a major pillar of Europe's economic recovery as he addressed an online event on cultural tourism in a post-Covid era. He said new and innovative models of sustainable tourism are linked to the culture sector and creative industries. Simoniti made the comments in his closing address to the ReDiscover Europe Workshop, an event held under the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the EU on Europe Day.

Home of storied Ljubljana mayor turned into museum

LJUBLJANA - Villa Zlatica, the home of the famed early 20th century Ljubljana Mayor Ivan Hribar, was inaugurated as a museum and the seat of the Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) after undergoing an extensive renovation. The villa, situated in the leafy upscale Ljubljana borough of Rožna Dolina Vila, is featuring a permanent exhibition on Hribar (1851-1941) and the life of the Ljubljana upper class, along with temporary displays. One of those will focus on Slavic cultures and the FSK.

Fibre-optic network project launched in Goričko

ŠALOVCI - Nine municipalities in Goričko, in rural eastern Slovenia, will get a fibre-optic network under the Rune Network project, which aims to provide ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband infrastructure in Slovenia's rural areas. In Goričko, a 203-kilometre network of fibre-optic cables will be built for almost 6,000 connections. Construction is expected to start before the summer. The company behind the project, Rune Enia, said that some users will be able to connect to the new network next year.

Thousands of children benefit in ten years of Botrstvo

LJUBLJANA - Ten years ago, a youth charity launched a programme to let sponsors help children in need. Botrstvo has since raised EUR 21 million in donations, benefiting almost 11,000 children and youth. The programme is run by the Ljubljana Moste-Polje section of the Friends of Youth Association (ZPMS) with the help of its media sponsor, the Val 202 channel of public broadcaster Radio Slovenija. To mark the 10th anniversary, an exhibition showcasing children's stories will be displayed at Ljubljana Town Hall.

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