Fox News Lists Celje as 6th Deadliest European City, Govt Demands Correction

By , 08 Feb 2020, 10:02 AM News
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In a recent Fox News article on “Top 10 deadliest European Cities”, the Slovenian town of Celje somehow found a way to sixth place by murders per capita in all of Europe.

To everyone’s surprise, Fox News declared Celje, a historic town of less than 50,000 people, mostly known for its late medieval noble dynasty, as the Counts of Celje , the sixth European city by murders per capita. This is because, according to Fox News, 2.6 murders per 100,000 people occurred in Celje in 2017.

If we set aside the dubious methodology which should place a village of Podbočje, population 336, at the top of the list due to a murder that occurred there in 2017, Celje municipality and the Police claim no murder occurred in Celje in 2017. The city government, together with the police therefore appealed to Fox News to take Celje off the list, as their murder rate data of the municipality of Celje is inaccurate.

Meanwhile, the Government of Slovenia posted a Tweet in which it reminds Fox News about its false report, adding an invite “to the beautiful and safe city of Celje. It is the town of princes with rich archaeological treasures and only 30 minutes away from @FLOTUS hometown.”

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