What the Papers Say: Wednesday, 17 January, 2018

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What the Papers Say: Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 Pixabay - Kaboom Pics (CC 0)

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What's making the front pages in Slovenia. 

What follows is a review of the headlines in the Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 17 January, 2018, as prepared by the STA:


"Handballers with a challenge: stand and withstand": The Slovenian Handball Association was right to take another day to consider the decision to leave the European Handball Championship after a contentious draw with Germany. If the team stay in Zagreb, they will face Montenegro in a do-or-die-match tonight. (front page, 3, 20)

Prešeren Prizes
"Prizes between song and dance": Poet, playwright and translator Boris A. Novak and ballet dancer, choreographer and director Janez Mejač have been announced as the recipients of Slovenia's top lifetime honour in the arts, the Prešeren Prizes. Six Prešeren Fund Prizes went out to six individuals for outstanding achievements over the past two years. (front page, 18)

Murder of Kosovo politician
"Murder in Kosovo worsens relations with Serbia": The murder of Oliver Ivanović, the leading Kosovo Serb politician, has worsened the already strenuous relations between Serbia and Kosovo. International community has already called for calmness and reserve. (front page, 4)


"Vujović: If it were up to me we'd leave Croatia": Slovenia is considering leaving the European Handball Championship in Zagreb, but the paper says it is clear the team would stay as it would get into serious trouble otherwise. However, team coach Veselin Vujović was clear: "If it were up to me, we'd leave Croatia". (front page, 17)

Energy legislation
"Regulation of network seems as another attempt at rescuing TEŠ 6": Changes to the energy legislation discussed by parliament have been received with mixed feelings. While the proponents say they are only intended to ensure more effective distribution of electricity, others believe that this is yet another attempt at rescuing the sixth generator at the TEŠ thermal power station. (front page, 4)


"Higher EURIBOR is expected, by how much can instalment of your loan increase?": Experts firmly believe that the interest rates will increase next year, despite ECB President Mario Draghi's claims to the contrary. (front page, 2, 3)

Bankruptcy administration
"Fight of bankruptcy administrators against competition": Certain bankruptcy administration are in charge of more than hundred procedures at once but their chamber is fighting to stop admitting new administrators, claiming that tests are too easy. (front page, 4, 5)

"Top calls for application this week": The paper has compiled a list of tenders for funding, including several calls for applications for subsidies in agriculture. (front page, 12, 13)


"Unbearable at urology": Nurses at the urology department at UKC Maribor have sent a letter to the leadership of the hospital, demanding immediate measures to improve the situation at the department. They say that they are overworked and that the department office is only partially fit to receive urgent patients. (front page, 8, 9)

Prešeren Prizes
"Prizes go to poet and dancer": The Prešeren Fund has announced author Boris A. Novak and ballet dancer, choreographer and director Janez Mejač as the Prešeren Prize laureates for this year. They will receive the prize on the even of Culture Day celebrated on 8 February. (2, 16, 17)

Domestic abuse
"Father and mother abuse children": A couple has been arrested in the US for imprisoning their 13 children. They have been charged with torture and child endangerment after their daughter escaped and alerted the authorities. (front page, 20)

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