Protests at the Burial of Man Killed in Large Fight in Maribor

By , 15 Jan 2018, 13:00 PM News
The photo is symbolical. The photo is symbolical. Pixabay

The investigation is still ongoing, and no people have been arrested.
January 15, 2018

On January 12, the day of 25-year-old Mario Krnjić's burial, his friends and acquaintances lit candles and torches during a protest at the site of the tragic event and in front of the Police Directorate in Maribor, Slovenian media report.

The participants at the gathering made a statement saying that they are not satisfied with the current situation, noting that the person (or persons) responsible have not been arrested, and that in the days since the murder the police have still not yet managed to present a clear story, despite the fact that the event took place in front of many witnesses and was recorded by security cameras.

The Police Directorate in Maribor replied that the investigation was ongoing, and that witnesses were still being questioned. At the same time they asked for anyone else who might have seen something connected to the murder to report to it to the authorities. They also stated that they had not released all the information in their possession, as this could damage the investigation. They thus asked the public to be patient so that the murderer can be caught.

Mario Krnjić was stabbed and bled to death in the early hours of January 7, during a fight happened at Maribor market, in Vodnikov Trg. According to the police, between 10 and 20 people were involved in the fight, although the number is not clear, as there was another fight ongoing at the same time nearby. Although the murdered was at the scene of the fight, he is not suspected of being involved in the incident.

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