What the Papers Say: Friday, 15 March 2019

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What the Papers Say: Friday, 15 March 2019 rawpixel.com, public domain

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Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 15 March 2019, as summarised by the STA:


Portorož airport
"Whole decade for two hundred metres": Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostić, who owns a majority share in Aerodrom Portorož, is ready to start investing in the airport's development immediately, CEO Robert Krajnc says. (front page, 4)

Pension reform
"How to fill pension fund": The problems of the pension system cannot be fixed merely with patching up the pension legislation. Pensions are a comprehensive problem of the society and should be addressed as such, the paper says in an analysis of the pension insurer's problems. (front page, 3)

Boeing's problems
"Was America caught in Chinese trap?": Just as American trade negotiators are demanding that China reform state-owned companies, the crisis that hit Boeing might force the US to do the same. (front page, 6)


"Britain will not leave EU yet": A new day has brought a new, so far the most chaotic episode of the Brexit crisis and political drama, the paper says in a reference to the latest Brexit vote in the British Parliament. (front page, 6 commentary 18)

Sexual abuse
"Dentist accused of attacking a patient": After a GP was found guilty of abuse of power and violation of sexual integrity of a minor earlier this week, the paper talked to a victim of a sexual assault by a dentist that happened in Maribor in 2006. (front page, 12)


Doctors' pay
"17 thousand euro gross": This is how much the doctor with the record high pay earned last December, the paper says, presenting an overview of monthly pay of doctors around the country. (front page, 2-3)

Stock market
"What burns shares on the Ljubljana stock exchange?": Finance looks at last year's business results of blue chips, their plans for this year and the movement of their shares. (front page, 4-5)

"Why hard Brexit is not completely out of the picture yet": A hard Brexit is still a possibility despite yesterday's vote in the British Parliament, because the MPs have said on many occasions what kind of Brexit they do not want but never which option they support. (front page, 8)


Climate protest
"Give us our future back": Young people in eight Slovenian cities will join the Global Climate Strike For Future uniting 1,769 cities in 112 countries, to call for green national budget and for closure of the Šoštanj coal-fired plant and Velenje coal mine by 2030. (front page, 2-5)

Sexual abuse
"Pulling her tooth, he harassed the patient": A dentist, charged with sexual abuse, was supposed to attend a pre-trial hearing at the Maribor District Court today, but the hearing was cancelled yesterday. (front page, 21)

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