Police Suspect “Firework Accident” Related to Armed Robbery of Postal Worker

By , 04 Jan 2018, 12:53 PM News
Police Suspect “Firework Accident” Related to Armed Robbery of Postal Worker www.pexels.com CC0

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A getaway van might have been set on fire. 

January 4, 2018

A fire that broke out at Murgle, a borough of Ljubljana on December 29, 2017, might not have been caused by misuse of fireworks, as the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief previously reported, but should be rather investigated in relation to the armed robbery that took place earlier that day, Delo reported yesterday.

In the early hours of December 29, several masked robbers, it is believed there were four of them, one of whom carried a gun, attacked a postal worker and incapacitated him with a blow to the head, then took several parcels and escaped in a van. The event occurred in a vicinity of a postal logistic centre on the road to Mestni Log in Ljubljana, and the postman suffered minor injuries.

Immediately after the report of a robbery police set several road blocks, but no one has been caught thus far.

Meanwhile, a fire in which four garages and two vehicles burnt down in Murgle was reported by the media as part of the damage caused by firework-related incidents ahead of the New Year’s celebrations.

The fire that started at about 21:00 on Friday, December 29, on the same day as the robbery occurred, is now being investigated in possible relation to the assault and theft. Details of the value and form of the goods stolen are not yet known to the public. 

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