What the Papers Say: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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What the Papers Say: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 JL Flanner

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Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, February 13, 2019, as summarised by the STA:


"A year later, Tina Maze reveals FIS conduct": Retired skier Tina Maze reveals in an interview for Delo that the leadership of ski federation FIS had ignored her health problems towards the end of her career. She had a benign tumor on the uterus that required surgery, but FIS officials refused to give her injury status. (front page, 17)

Meat scandal
"Consumer health at risk, but...": The tainted beef scandal has raised many issues about food safety that require a debate and long-term solutions. (front page, 3)

Historical revisionism
"Demands for apology and resignation": Speeches by European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini at Sunday's ceremony in Basovizza continue to make waves, with their reactions - Tajani's apology and Salvini's amazement at Slovenian protests - triggering fresh outrage. (front page, 4, 7) You can read more on this story here

"Should Slovenia plan migrations?": Calculations in Germany show they need 260,000 migrants each year even if the retirement age is raised to 70. The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has called for a targeted migration policy that will attract highly skilled staff. (front page, 9)


Reactions to Italian historical revisionism
"They demand Tajani's resignation": There are mounting calls for EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani to resign due to revisionist comments, with Slovenian and Croatian European People's Party (EPP) MEPs finally issuing a joint position that Tajani needs to retract his statement. (front page, 2, 14)

Trial of Catalan leaders
"Start of trial of Catalan leaders": The long-awaited trial of rebellious Catalan leaders who sought independence started in Madrid yesterday, triggering numerous protests around Catalonia. (front page, 7)

Sports infrastructure
"Soon a new sports centre at Brdo?": The Slovenian Handball Association is planning a new sports centre at Brdo pri Kranju, where the Football Association already has its main administrative and training centre. (front page, 17)


Health insurance
"200% more for supplementary": Supplementary insurance premiums have risen by 200% in 20 years. The extra money has not improved the quality of service or access. (front page, 6, 7)

Agrifood sector
"This is how agribusiness champions do business": Finance looks back at companies that received its award for fastest-growing businesses in the sector. (front page, 18, 19)

Job market
"The jobs created by industry 4.0": Finance singles out several professions that industry 4.0 will need, including manager of human-machine interactions, structural engineer and developer of virtual reality. (front page, 2, 3)


Preservation of artworks
"Shamefully concealed": A 25 m2 mural by Janez Vidic has recently been discovered behind a brick wall in a former bank office in the centre of the city. Maribor stakeholders should join forces to preserve the extraordinary work of art. (front page, 16, 17)

Hungarian investments in Slovenia
"Csanyi penetrating Slovenia": Hungarian billionaire Sandor Csanyi, whose OTP bank has already entered Russia and the Balkans, is said to be eyeing Abanka, having already entered the Emonika project in Ljubljana through affiliated companies. (front page, 6)

Employment of former officials
"Job at Iskra and a million from Iskra": The former director of the Maribor city administration Simon Štrancar, who negotiated a settlement with Iskra over the abandoned speed trap project, now has a job at Iskra and received a million in venture capital from the company for his startup. He insists there is nothing shady about his relationship with the company. (front page, 8. 9)

Meat scandal
"How the kebab scandal affects people": Food inspectors have ordered removal of tainted kebab meat from Poland from seven kebab places in Maribor. It remains unclear, though how much of the tainted meat has already been consumed. (front page, 5)

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