Human Hand Found in Ljubljana

By , 22 Dec 2017, 15:43 PM News
Ljubljanica in winter with ducks Ljubljanica in winter with ducks Wikimedia Commons

Second dismemberment this December.

December 22, 2017
According to the Slovenian media, two days ago police officers in Ljubljana were informed that a first aid box was found along the Ljubljanica River beside Kašeljska cesta in the city, and inside was part of a human hand, the palm.
After an autopsy, the forensic results show that the object was indeed part of a left human hand. The police investigated the surrounding area of the find, helped by firefighters, with no further details being released on this aspect of the case.
handy map this.jpg
The area where the hand is believed to be found  Image credit: Google maps
The investigating judge has ordered a judicial autopsy and continuing investigation in the following days, with the police operating with the assumption that this may be linked to a murder.
The case is the second incident of suspected dismemberment this month, as just last week there were reports of a woman's head being found at a landfill site in Murska Sobota.
Although the person who reported finding the head was not able to show it to the police, the case is still being investigated.

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