Men Take Most Senior Jobs in Education, Despite More Female Teachers Overall in Slovenia

By , 27 Sep 2018, 16:50 PM News
Men Take Most Senior Jobs in Education, Despite More Female Teachers Overall in Slovenia Screenshot from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport video linked in the story

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STA, 27 September - Among the 45,434 people teaching at all levels of the Slovenian educational system, most are women. But the higher the level of education and the seniority of posts, the more men there are among the staff, show the official statistics for the 2017/2018 school and academic year. 

While there were only 3% of male staff in Slovenian kindergartens, more than half of those teaching or working in tertiary education were men, the Statistics Office said on Thursday.

In the past school year, the number of teachers and assistant teachers at kindergartens was up by 2% from 11,025 in 2016/17 but the ratio between men and women remained the same, with women comprising 97% of the staff. 6% of all employees worked in the private sector.

The Slovenian government has produced an English-language video explaining all aspects of the country’s education, which you can watch here

In primary education, staff number grew by half a percent to 20,731, of which 2,458 were men and 17,806 women. 13% of primary school teachers were men and a quarter of managerial staff was also male.

Out of the 6,131 high school teachers in Slovenia, one third were men while 39% of the leadership was male.

The number of staff in tertiary education rose from 5,392 in 2016/2017 to 5,410 last academic year. More than three-quarters of all staff had completed tertiary education or held a master's or PhD degree. The share of men topped 55%.

In the past academic year, the biggest share of the staff in tertiary education institutions belonged to the 40-45 age group. Ten years ago, 34% of the staff was aged between 25 and 39, while last year their share was only 27%, the Statistics Office said.

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