What the Papers Say: Friday, August 10, 2018

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What the Papers Say: Friday, August 10, 2018 maxpixel.com CC by 0

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Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 10 August 2018, as prepared by the STA


"Portorož from 1985 postcard": Hotels in the seaside town of Portorož are full to the brim, but there is no major rise in the number of nights tourists spent there. Nevertheless, hotel managers will get more revenue due to higher prices. (front page, 4)

"Despite rise in loans indebtedness still low": Indebtedness of Slovenian households is much lower than the eurozone average despite a rise in loans taken out last year, according to the central bank. (front page, 3)

"Šarec drawing parallels with Drnovšek": Marjan Šarec, who is looking at running a minority government, expects he will get enough votes in parliament next week to become prime minister-designate. (front page, 2)

"From east to west along northern ring road": The Slovenian motorways company DARS will close the ramp connecting the eastern and southern sections of the Ljubljana ring road and the two exits for Ljubljana South between Saturday and Wednesday. Cars will be rerouted to the northern ring. (front page, 2)


Kemis fire
"Fire at Kemis likely due to spontaneous combustion of oily rags": The police report about a massive fire that destroyed the waste processing plant Kemis in Vrhnika last year indicates that the blaze was caused by oily rags that spontaneously combusted. (front page, 9)

"It is increasingly hard to get doctor for youngest": The number of paediatricians parents can choose for their newborn child is dropping and some units of the Ljubljana health centre have closed their doors to new patients. (front page, 3)


"Slovenian export with robust growth in half-year despite global tensions": Slovenian exports were up 11.2% in January-June compared to the same period last year. Despite the increasing number of setbacks for trade in the world, Slovenian exporters remain largely optimistic about the situation, and realistic in their expectations. (front page, 2, 3)

"How much money did we give to notaries last year and how will the market be without second largest, Sikošek": The paper looks at the biggest notary public offices after the Justice Ministry shut down one of the biggest in the country, Jože Sikošek. (front page, 4, 5)

"FURS against hauliers, builders, Airbnb hosts, caterers. What is it checking?": The Financial Administration (FURS) has sent the most inspections to event organisers, hauliers, bars and Airbnb hosts this summer. (front, 6, 7)


"Dog days": The heatwave is to let up after ten days, but the summer, which is expected to be one of the ten hottest in a century, will continue. (front page, 4, 5)

"No longer city of happiness": Maribor, which had gotten its first ticket to the Europa League and its second to the Champions League in Glasgow, lost 3:1 against Rangers in the first leg of the third round of qualifiers for the Europa League yesterday. (front page, 22)

"Left set to go": The Left's internal referendum has shown support among the party's ranks and file for cooperation with a potential minority government put together by Marjan Šarec. But the Left will only back Šarec if they manage to harmonise the cooperation protocol with the quintet of potential coalition partners. (front page, 2)


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