Germany May Offer Dual Citizenship to Brexpats During Transition Period

By , 24 Jul 2018, 11:45 AM News
It all looked so simple - a sample ballot paper in the 2016 EU Referendum It all looked so simple - a sample ballot paper in the 2016 EU Referendum Wikimedia

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A step towards less uncertainty for some of the forgotten victims of Brexit. 

July 24, 2018

With London’s governing Conservatives still unable to decide what Brexit means, more than two years after the referendum, and both the UK and EU now stepping up preparations for a hard Brexit, Britons who took advantage of the single market to start new lives on the Continent are still in the dark as to how they might be affected and to what extent their settled status will be disrupted.

With no sign of the uncertainty decreasing, and no indication that the concerns of “Brexpats” are being heard in Whitehall, it’s rare day that offers a ray of sunshine amid the looming storm clouds that are set to break on March 29, 2019.

So let’s relax a little and imagine a brighter future for those born in the UK but living in Slovenia on reading a report from that outlines the contents of a new draft law in Germany, the Brexit-Übergangsgesetz. As the website notes: “If passed, the law would treat the U.K. legally as an EU member until the final day of the transition, with any Brits [living in Germany who meet the requirements] who apply for a German passport before the end of the period to be treated as EU nationals. That will enable them to keep both their British passport and their new, EU one, despite the fact Germany generally doesn’t allow dual citizenship.”

Could the same happen here? Does it need to?

Until we find out what Brexit means, who knows?

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