Kočevje’s Yaskawa Europe Robotics Develops First Robot of Its own

By , 12 Apr 2022, 12:25 PM Made in Slovenia
A close-up view of a G20 A close-up view of a G20 www.yaskawa.eu.com

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STA, 12 April 2022 - Yaskawa Europe Robotics, one of Yaskawa's three companies in Slovenia, has developed its own robot after it has been manufacturing only robots developed in Japan. The GP20 is suited for the metal-processing industry and the Kočevje-based company would like to sell it in the US.

The robot has the advantage of an increased working space given its size, a high degree of rigidity and a high degree of precision, the company told the STA.

Its slender upper arm makes it suitable for the metal-processing industry, especially for CNC machines and lathes with narrow inlets.

The company is developing some other projects, including robots specialised for the food industry. Last year it developed subsets for Cartesian robots for a French company.

The Japanese multinational Yaskawa, a global industrial robots leader, started building the Kočevje facility in 2017 and launched production in 2019.

At the time it planned to employ 200 workers by 2023, while it now employs only around 120.

Yaskawa has three companies in Slovenia: apart from Yaskawa Europe Robotics in Kočevje, it has had Yaskawa Ristro and Yaskawa Slovenija in Ribnica for more than 30 years.

The coronavirus epidemic has slashed Yaskawa Europe Robotics' revenue in 2020, but both production and sales picked up in 2021 for the company to end the year with EUR 36 million in revenue.

The Kočevje-based company manufactures more than 330 robots and more than 180 controllers a month.

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