French Embassy Joins SILA to Support Women’s Shelter in Novo Mesto, Donations Till End of July

By , 25 Jul 2020, 14:46 PM Made in Slovenia
French Embassy Joins SILA to Support Women’s Shelter in Novo Mesto, Donations Till End of July SILA

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The pandemic put everything on hold for a few months, and one of the events that was cancelled was the Spring Soiree, in which the SILA-IWCL (International Women's Club Ljubljana) gathers to raise money for a good cause.

To replace it the organization has joined forced with the French Embassy in Ljubljana to put the spotlight on a campaign to help furnish a new Safe House in Novo Mesto that welcomes women and children victims of domestic violence. Until the end of July you can donate money to the Safe House via SILA IWCL’s account:

Sberbank, IBAN SI56 3000 0010 4338280, SWIFT/BIC code SABRSI2X

Learn more about the project on SILA’s website, and follow the various events and opportunities that the group organizes on Facebook.

Domestic violence in Slovenia

Research shows that domestic violence remains a common problem in Slovenian, and there were fears of a surge in incidence during the lockdown. The latest study, carried out post-corona, is from the IPES Institut (Inštitut za proučevanje enakosti spolov, the Gender Equality Research Institute), titled “The atmosphere in intimate-partner relationships and families in times of quarantine and insecurity”.

It examined issues around domestic violence with data from 700+ anonymous and online surveys, completed from all of Slovenia’s statistical regions. More specifically, the study looked at: 1) the general understanding of gender-related roles in relationships (the persistence of gender stereotyping); 2) actual lockdown experience (the underside of the idealized family image); 3) coping with distress.


The results show a high prevalence of intimate partner abuse, made worse by the pressures and confinement of lockdown. The abstract highlights the following findings:

  • ·      34.7% of men and 18% of women did not agree with the statement that the perpetrator is always responsible and guilty for an act of violence.
  • ·      30% of respondents believed that in times of crisis women work to should calm conflicts, calm potentially stressful situations and relationships and not raise their own problems.
  • ·      Just 11% of respondents stated they will have fond memories of the weeks in isolation, as they loved being at home.
  • ·      5% of respondents think that violence is sometimes justified, while a further 10% neither agree nor disagree with this statement.
  • ·      35% of the respondents believe that it is right for women to do most of the housework at home.
  • ·      15% of women answered that the corona crisis further increased their financial dependence on their partners.
  • ·      85% of respondents did not talk to anyone about their concerns during the lockdown.

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