Winners of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 Announced

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Valter Kramar, Uroš Štefelin, Ana Roš & Tomy Kavčič Valter Kramar, Uroš Štefelin, Ana Roš & Tomy Kavčič All photos The Slovenia

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It’s been a long while since most of us saw a menu, but with the lockdown eased and places opening up it’ll soon be time to go somewhere that provides food beyond your abilities to cook. To that end it’s a pleasure to once again announce The Slovenia Restaurant Awards, which highlight the best of dining out in the country, presenting the names to watch and tables call ahead for, with reservations often essential, and always recommended.

If you to read a version of this story in German, with more details and other pictures, then check out the always informative Mein Slowenien

This year was the fourth edition, with the system now a well-oiled machine that ensures fairness and balance. With an initial list of 123 nominees chosen by the Gastronomic Academy (composed of chefs and restaurant owners, gastronomic associations, the media and foodies), the competition is then opened to the public, with a vote using a secure system to deter multiple votes. Just like the voters in the Gastronomy Academy, members of the public can choose five restaurants in their own region, and with a further five votes to then assign to the other three regions, with the full list of nominees shown here.

This year there were 6,520 votes from members of the Gastronomic Academy, and 27,630 from the public, giving a total of 34,150, with the auditors Deloitte overseeing the process

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Niko Slavnič, founder and host of the awards

Of course, covid-19 meant some changes were needed to the actual event, which moved online and was shared via Zoom, featuring a discussion hoisted by Niko Slavnič, founder of the awards, and representatives of three winners in the national category – Ana Roš & Valter Kramar (Hiša Franko), Uroš Štefelin (Vila Podvin) and Tomaž Kavčič (Dvorec Zemono - Gostilna pri Lojzetu) – where  The topic of conversation was the current situation in the hospitality industry and the importance of adapting and innovating in order to not just survive, but thrive.

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There's also a book, which you can buy here

What are the best restaurants in Slovenia 2020

Hiša Franko was named the best restaurant in the Alpine Slovenia region, while for ​​Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia the title went to Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Dvorec Zemono. In the Thermal Pannonian Slovenia region Hiša Denk was chosen as the best, and in Ljubljana and central Slovenia the winner was JB Restaurant.

Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Zemono Manor won the best inn, City Terasa was chosen as the best hotel restaurant, and the Stari Pisker Inn and Pub received the title of the best culinary newcomer in the votes from the public. This year, for the first time, the award for the best tourist farm was given, the title of which was given to Domačija Majerija.

As noted above the end, the three best restaurants in Slovenia were Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Dvorec Zemono, Hiša Franko and Vila Podvin, with the awards given by Belmond, and including a bottle of the company of them received the Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum 2005.

More details on The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 can be found here.

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