Donat Mg: The Slovenian Water That Makes You Poop (Videos)

By , 19 Feb 2019, 18:00 PM Made in Slovenia
Another slice of potica? Another slice of potica? "Also a holiday for your digestion"

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While other firms that make products related to bathroom concerns may like to use a lateral approach when discussing the merits of their goods, such as the soft and fluffy puppies that have been used to promote a certain brand of toilet paper in the UK for decades, Donat Mg is upfront and unashamed about the benefits that drinking its mineral water will bring to consumers.


"Also a holiday for your digestion" Photo:


"The royal treatment for your digestion"

They will poop, more easily and with pleasure, thus relieving constipation and discomfort. What’s more, the firm has a tradition of award-winning advertisements that confront the issue head on, giving the brand a strong identity that’s loud, proud and arresting, with one of the more sophisticated campaigns that we’ve seen in Slovenia.

The water comes from the springs of Rogaška Slatina, which have been known of since Roman times and used for spa treatments since at least the 17th century, although the spring which provides the water from Donat Mg was only discovered in 1908.

The drink works its digestive magic due to the sulphate salts it contains, which give the water the property of hyperosmolarity, and thus it's a natural osmotic laxative. As noted on the brand’s website:

Its effectiveness as a laxative is due to sulphate salts (magnesium sulphate or Epsom salt and sodium sulphate or Glauber’s salt) and around 1000 mg/l of magnesium. Sulphates draw water from the cells of the intestinal wall by osmosis, increasing the volume of intestinal content 3 to 5 times; this exerts pressure on the intestinal wall and triggers its peristalsis or movement. Magnesium also additionally stimulates the intestinal hormones that boost peristalsis.

Consumers are thus advised to treat Donat Mg with some respect, and to take care not to drink a bottle or three when simple sparkling water, such as the similarly packaged Radenska, is desired. While the bottom won’t fall out of your world if you make such a mistake, the world might fall out of your bottom.

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