At Least 1/4 of Residents in All Regions Have Received One Dose of a COVID Vaccine

By , 19 May 2021, 16:50 PM Lifestyle
At Least 1/4 of Residents in All Regions Have Received One Dose of a COVID Vaccine

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STA, 19 May 2021 - A quarter of residents at the minimum have had one dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 in all Slovenia's regions, Marta Grgič Vitek, the national vaccination coordinator, said on Wednesday. In some regions the share is nearing 30%.

The number of vaccine doses delivered to Slovenia has been rising. The Pfizer vaccine is the one that has topped the supplies so far, accounting for some two thirds of all the deliveries, whereas the AstraZeneca doses accounted for roughly a quarter.

Altogether, slightly over a million doses have been delivered so far. A total of 870,000 vaccine shots have been administered, Grgič Vitek of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) told today's coronavirus briefing.

The gap between the two figures is a result of different timelines of deliveries and vaccinations, among other things, she added.

Vaccination rates in age groups above 70 years are relatively high. The 60-69 age group has an almost 50% vaccination rate, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in the 50-59 category, she said.

Region-wise, the rate varies. The regions doing best are close to hit the 30% mark when it comes to the first dose vaccinations.

Those who have recovered from Covid-19 are advised to get a jab as soon as they are out of quarantine, and not after six months as was initially recommended, Grgič Vitek said.

She explained that the delay was recommended when the availability of vaccines was very limited.

If more than eight months have passed since the onset of the disease or if the person is immunocompromised, a full vaccination is necessary.

If one gets Covid-19 after receiving the first dose, they should be administered the second within six months since they first developed symptoms, she said.

She believes the third dose for those who were vaccinated at the very start of the rollout is not likely to be recommended ahead of autumn.

According to NIJZ, 571,797 people have received the first dose and 298,593 have been fully vaccinated, representing 27.2% and 14% of the population, respectively.


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