2020 Among Slovenia’s Hottest Years Since 1961

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2020 Among Slovenia’s Hottest Years Since 1961 Twitter

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STA, 7 January 2020 - Last year saw temperatures that were above average as well as an average precipitation volume and above-average sun exposure, show interim data released by the Environmental Agency (ARSO) on Thursday. The year of 2020 ranks among the hottest five recorded since 1961.

The temperature departure from the 1981-2010 average stood at 1.3 Celsius in 2020, meaning the year ranks fifth among the hottest years on record, preceded by 2019, 2018, 2015 and 2014.

The latter is considered the hottest as temperatures rose to 1.7 Celsius above the average that year.

The temperature departure in these years was most pronounced in southern Slovenia, excluding the coast and Bela Krajina in the south, and in parts of the country in the north-east bordering on Croatia.

All the months of 2020 were above-average hot, except for May.

The greatest temperature departure was recorded in February, 4.5 Celsius, making last year's February the second hottest February since 1961.

July temperatures were closest to the average, whereas May 2020 was a bit colder, with the temperature departure standing at -0,5 Celsius.

Long-term temperature measurements in Slovenia show that climate has been warming up in past decades, the agency said.

Last year was the tenth in a row recording rising temperatures compared to the 1981-2010 average. Since 2000, there have been only three years when temperatures dropped on the average.

The eight hottest years on record have been recorded since then, and among 20 years with the highest temperatures only three were prior to 2000.

Moreover, last year was declared the hottest year on record in a number of European countries.

According to ARSO data, the precipitation volume in 2020 was roughly on par with the average. January was the driest month, whereas December was the wettest.

Sun exposure was also above average, with 2020 ranking among five sunniest since 1961. The year that saw most sunshine is 2011.

January and April were particularly above average when it comes to sunny days. On the other hand, December was most notably below average.

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