Survey Finds Less Than Half Respondents Want to Get Vaccinated Against Covid

By , 16 Dec 2020, 18:00 PM Lifestyle
Survey Finds Less Than Half Respondents Want to Get Vaccinated Against Covid pixabay CC-by-0

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STA, 16 December 2020 - Slightly less than 50% of Slovenia's residents intend to get vaccinated against Covid-19, which is a bit more than in November, the latest survey by pollster Valicon shows. Nineteen percent intend to get vaccinated for sure, up three percentage points, while 28% said they would probably get vaccinated.

As many as 57% said they would get vaccinated because it is responsible to others, with another 42% saying they would like to reduce the chance of getting infected.

Twenty-two percent have no intention whatsoever of getting vaccinated (down from 26%), with another 31% saying they would probably not get vaccinated.

Most of them cited distrust in the vaccine as the main reason, with as many as 60% saying the vaccine should be tested longer to prove safe. 43% also fear side effects.

Most of the respondents, 56%, blamed the poor epidemiological situation on people or their poor adherence to restrictive measures, and 38% on the government.

As many as 30% said all politicians should be blamed, with 22% pointing the finger at the Health Ministry's task force, which advises the government on coronavirus.

Just before the latest relaxation of measures kicked in on 15 December, the majority assessed restrictive measures were rather inappropriate.

The share rose from 29% two weeks ago to 41%, the highest so far, with only 14% saying the measures were appropriate.

The largest share so far - 57% - said the measures were too strict. 17% assessed them as adequate and over a quarter as not strict enough.

Valicon said that if the poll were carried out today, the public's response would be probably less negative as some of the measures had been additionally relaxed since the survey was carried out on 11-13 December.

The respondents were however less negative about the government's management of the epidemic's ramifications for the economy and households, although the figures are the worst so far.

The share of those who consider it inappropriate rose considerably, to 38%, while half of those polled said the approach was partly adequate and partly inadequate. 12% labelled it as very adequate.

The share of those who think the situation is worsening rose for the second consecutive time, to almost two thirds from 54% two weeks ago.

The public's trust in the government's handling of the epidemic has also dropped, to the lowest level so far, with 67% not trusting it and 27% trusting it.

The #NewNormal poll, surveying 534 respondents, measures the public's reaction to coronavirus-related measures and its perception of everyday life during the epidemic.

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