Slovene Authorities Investigated Animal Mistreatment Involving Monkeys, Lions, Bears, Snakes & Spiders in 2019

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Two black-tufted marmosets Two black-tufted marmosets Wikimedia Miguelrangeljr CC-by-SA-3.0 unported

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STA, 24 February 2020 - There were many cases of alleged animal neglect in Slovenia last year, with the Environment Ministry's Environment and Nature Inspection Service opening up inquiries into ten alleged instances of mistreatment of free-living animals, including monkeys, lions, bears, snakes and spiders.

Relevant inspectors dealt with an advert put on a Czech web page by a small Slovenian zoo aiming to sell a Barbary macaque infant and determined that the zoo kept 10 such apes which were acquired lawfully and were taken care of. The zoo cancelled the advert following the inspection though.

However, the black-tufted marmosets were found to be living in inappropriate conditions and were relocated to another zoo.

The inspection service took action in a case of two lions as well - the zoo had to implement additional measures to ensure the two animals could not escape their enclosed area.

Another case included an owner of two bears who was reminded to microchip them. Furthermore, an inquiry was opened into the conduct of an owner of a rhea and ostrich who can be spotted walking them in Ljubljana. He has also visited Venice with the animals. The case is still pending.

Regarding species protected under EU law, a sand martin bird was allegedly kept in captivity for more than three hours without a permit by bird identification officials working for the Slovenian Museum of Natural History. Following a report, the inspection service has opened up an inquiry into that.

A number of irregularities have also been found in cases of a commercial parrot breeder raising protected parrot species and a commercial breeder of snakes, spiders, amphibians and lizards, including protected species such as the veiled chameleon, ball python and tarantula. Both breeders have heeded the warnings and amended the situation.

There was also a case of an ara parrot found to be wearing an identification leg band belonging to an animal who died in 2013. The owner bought the ara wearing the leg band from a Hungarian dealer. The case is still pending.

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