Slovenia's Richest Couple and Reporter Magazine Fail to Reach Out of Court Settlement

By , 22 Feb 2020, 12:30 PM Lifestyle
Slovenia's Richest Couple and Reporter Magazine Fail to Reach Out of Court Settlement Photo: Pikrepo, CC0

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The richest Slovenian couple and the representatives of the right-wing weekly Reporter have been unable to reach an out-of-court agreement on the non-disclosure of private Login family information, reports national broadcaster.

The dispute between the Logins and the Reporter stems from 2017, when the magazine wrote an article about the personal history of Samo and Iza Login, who became Slovenia's richest couple after selling their Talking Tom mobile app to Chinese investors. The article has never been released as the Logins managed to stop its publication through court, before anyone even knew what the exact contents.

The Logins claim not to be public figures and want their personal information, such as their previous names and details of their family members, not to be reported.

According to Silvester Šurla, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, the article "did not interfere with their right to privacy in any way. We wanted to publish some information about their life paths, about their careers, from publicly available sources." Furthermore, added Šurla, "the settlement did not go through because Mr. and Mrs. Login kept making new demands. In the end, they were asking more for the settlement than in the lawsuit.”

The Logins are demanding that Reporter no longer writes about their private life, threatening to sue the magazine for €100,000 in damages for each such intrusion.

"We are not talking about the business part. We are talking about intimacy, personality, private life, family life, relatives. The plaintiffs do not want any interference from the public," the Logins’ lawyer, Janez Stušek, explained.

The trial will continue in mid-April, reports national broadcaster on their MMC multimedia portal, adding that the verdict could have a serious impact on journalistic boundaries, not only when reporting about people who enter public space voluntarily but also others, such as politicians.

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