New Year's Eve in Emergency and Police Reports

By , 02 Jan 2020, 11:29 AM Lifestyle
New Year's Eve in Emergency and Police Reports Photo: Neža Loštrek

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Unlike recent years, we managed to enter the new year without any serious fireworks injuries nor alcohol poisonings of minors. This doesn't mean, however, that New Year's Eve passed without incidents.

A total of 73 interventions were carried out by Ljubljana Ambulance Service of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana between 7 pm and 7 am, including at nine accidents. Four unconscious adults, five chest pain, seven abdominal pain and five breathing problems were treated. They assisted in one childbirth in the field, and the ambulance team also sought help from the police, who took care of an aggressive person attacking them.

At the emergency unit of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana five persons with minor injuries from pyrotechnics sought help, and have all already been released into domestic care. They also treated one person with serious difficulties who turned out to be poisoned with alcohol. This person is already feeling much better now.

Similar reports are coming from University Medical Centre Maribor, where minor injuries from different causes were treated.

Police had to intervene in Upper Carniola, where a pyrotechnic device for a signal gun exploded when a man tried to light it with a lighter, hurting his hand. In the second event a piece of a rocket fell down and hurt a spectator’s eye.  

In Jesenice police had to fine a man who twice in one day used pyrotechnic devices in a built-up area.

The illegal use of pyrotechnics is also reported from Nova Gorica, and the police issued a fine to a local in Kojsko for throwing firecrackers.

There were also several reports of shootings in the area of Novo mesto and Metlika. Although some of those cases might actually be related to the use of pyrotechnics, two persons were nevertheless apprehended on suspicion of the use of the firearms.

Police also intervened due to several small fires caused by pyrotechnics, as well as several cases of domestic violence and 23 illegal border crossings.

On Tuesday afternoon the police of Novo mesto were called to Rakovnik at Birčna vas, where the owners reported that a ram, three pregnant ewes and a lamb were stolen from their pasture.

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