President Borut Pahor: Best of 2019 Instagram Part 2

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President Borut Pahor: Best of 2019 Instagram Part 2 Borut Pahor, Instagram

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In Part 1 we presented our selection of the President’s best Instagram posts from the first half of 2019.  His Instagram posts are arranged in a timely fashion. The first part ends with July and the second part begins with August.

Although the year has not finished yet, we find his December 12 post the best conclusion to this collection as well as a food for thought in, as Paul Krugman puts it in a recent YouTube advertisement I’ve had to watch repeatedly, the strange times we are living in.

  1. August 11: Disco Borut
At the end of this month, the Estonian President and my good friend Kersti Kaljulaid is officially visiting Slovenia. We asked her what she’d like to do in her free time. She surprised me with a request to go skating with me around Lake Bled. OK, Kersti, I exercised a little today in the parking lots of Ljubljana. 
  1. August 30: Borut’s advice to pupils for the first day of school: Keep your head open and use your own head, even when it comes to his own advice on using one’s own head. The bloopers suggest one can get far even without using one’s head much.

The content includes scenes that may be unsuitable for parents or guardians of young children. Children’s guidance is therefore recommended for adults viewing.  #rumenarutka #pahor #president #presidentpahor #slovenia

  1. September 2: Pahor and Kersti in roller skating doubles.
Kersti and I kept our promise. We roller skated despite it rained. 
  1. September 19: Borut tells a sexist joke in an attempt to be manlier. We believe, however, that the President really only cares about his own attractiveness.
Špela took a picture of me watching something from the hotel room in Bern, where binoculars were also available. At first, I really admired the Eiger, 3970 m, but then I was taken over by an attractive female athlete warming up at a nearby stadium.  
  1. September 20: Adria Turbulence?

Dry martini, shaken not stirred, with zero alcohol, please.

Last night, I returned from Zurich with Adria, on time and without delay. I've been traveling with them for 30 years. During the flight, we experienced all sorts of trouble. But the pilots and cabin crew were as always reliable and friendly. Hopefully they will manage to pull out of the current turbulence as well.
  1. September 21: Standing ovations at an “almost rock’n’roll” gathering
A friendly invitation and a warm welcome at Stična of Youth means a lot to me. It was almost rock'n'roll today.  
  1. September 26: President breaks the 100,000 Instagram followers mark.
There are 100,000 of us now. Thank you. Tnx ❤ 
  1. October 13: Instagram analytics
There are more than 100 000 of us. Who are we? 
  1. October 16: The President is grateful when diplomats don’t wear boring usual clothes.
Receiving credentials is not as dull as it seems. The Ambassador of Ghana and the Ambassador of Morocco were dressed in traditional attire for today's ceremony. Otherwise, it means a lot to diplomats that I accompany them to their car after the talks, which happens very rarely worldwide.  
  1. October 20: On rare white tie occasions (and his still youthful figure)
18 years ago, the Danish Queen visited Slovenia. There was a reception in Brdo, which I attended as then President of the National Assembly. I will wear the same suit tomorrow at the enthronement of the new Japanese Emperor in Tokyo. Yes, even the shirt will be the same.
  1. October 22: Borut does Tokyo
Due to a foot injury I did not run in the short break during the festivities at the enthronement of the new Emperor in Tokyo, but walked instead. Like I'm saving myself for the Ljubljana Marathon on Sunday. The walk was fun too. At an entrance to the temple, I took pictures with happy girls and met a serious sumo fighter. Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun.⛩?
  1. October 27: Ljubljana marathon
I'm overjoyed. This year I ran the Ljubljana Marathon just 4 seconds worse than last year. And I was supposed to be in top shape last year, and this year I tried to run only once (only once in half a year, hello!) after my injury at the Radenci Marathon. At the beginning, I was thinking about where I’m going to drop out. But the race and the adrenaline rush worked out for me. Then I remembered the Taramuhar [a tribe of ultra-running Indians from Mexico]; running is not in the legs, running is in the heart. Ah, fantastic, fishing for compliments. ?❤ 
  1. October 29: Wrinkle trouble
Polona, the national broadcaster’s make-up artist is sorting me out for a TV interview. She is  always kind and smiling. I have only n noticing that every year she’s got to do more work with me. ? 
  1. November 3: Borut realises where those 4 seconds went
I have been, considering everything, quite pleased with this year marathon result. 4 seconds slower than last year. But where did I lose those 4 valuable seconds? It is clear now! When I was running past my fitness centre, I took a dance with Sonja, who cheered in front of it.  ???⚡⚡⚡
  1. November 14: On devastating criticism.
Three months after Luka was born Tanja and I accepted an invitation to Vienna Opera Ball. When I tried my suit on after arrival, my white bowtie tore. In the almost two hours still at hand we couldn’t find a new one in the entire city of Vienna, except for a black one. The critiques of it and myself were devastating. Now I always carry a spare with me. 
  1. November 21: On blue shirt that has to wait to become fashionable again
I still have this shirt. I somehow like it. I think that this photo is from the end of the previous century, and the shirt from sometime before. It’s not in fashion at the moment, but it will certainly be in about 20 years. Great. Then I’ll have it waiting for me in the closet. ? 
  1. November 23: The best day is a good hair day
There was strong košava (wind) in Novi Sad today, but that doesn’t show on my hair as I use 3 Weather Spray. 
  1. November 24:A cCurious journalist drilling into Borut’s Instagram
A curious journalist of the Vojvodina television station is asking difficult questions, therefore she concludes the conversation with drilling into my Instagram. ? 
  1. November 29: Photographer’s success: a spiritual picture of Borut
Last night the Slovenian Philharmonia hosted a solemn meeting marking 100 years of Theological Faculty at the University of Ljubljana. A photographer succeeded to make a spiritual photo.
  1. December 5: Ultrapositive
I have no idea when this photo was taken. Petra "found it somewhere hidden deep on the Internet." Probably from the time when I thought life was just a fairy tale. Now I know that it is.  
  1. December 8: Hipster accessories: Reanult 4 aka Katra #2
Tanja ran out of heating oil. Because her street is being renovated and closed for regular traffic Katra and I sorted things out. Workers admired her (Katra), Tanja was grateful to her and I was proud of her.  ?.
  1. December 12: Borut owns it.
Critiques of vanity never bothered me, because they are based on truth. For the same reason I’d be more bothered if there weren’t any at all. ? 

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