Slovenian Kids’ Songs: Kuža Pazi (Watch out Doggy)

By , 18 Jan 2018, 18:08 PM Lifestyle
Slovenian Kids’ Songs: Kuža Pazi (Watch out Doggy) Photo: Pixabay, CC0

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Cultural riches for your toddler and yourself. 

January 18, 2018

Maybe you’ve settled in Slovenia, have studied the language for some years, or at least enough that you can get the topic and the attitude when watching a news programme, and then your child comes home from kindergarten and you have no idea what they’re saying, and suddenly you feel lost and confused.

We aim to address this issue with a series of posts on that part of Slovenian life you’ve already missed, but your child may still be enjoying.

This week’s choice is perhaps the simplest song in the entire repertoire of Slovenian kids’ songs, at least from a musical perspective, as it involves only three notes, as follows: do do do do re re re re mi mi re re do do do__:

Now the hard part, the lyrics:

Kuža pazi (Watch out Doggy)

Kuža pazi,                           (watch out doggy)

z repkom miga,                   (wagging its tail)

vstane, leže, tačko da.        (stands up, lays down, gives its paw)               


Hišo čuva,                           (guards house)

jezno laja,                           (angrily barks)

če nikoga ni doma.             (if nobody is home)


Ko pa Jurček,                     (when little George)

cicibanček,                         (ciciban- a preschool kid)

truden se odpravi spat,      (tired leaves for bed)


kuža pazi,                          (watch out doggy)

k vratom leže,                    (lays by the door)

da ne vzame Jurčka tat.    (so George is not taken by a thief)

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