Old Photos: Slovenska Cesta, Ljubljana

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Tavčer Palace, which housed the Cafe Europa, 1925 Tavčer Palace, which housed the Cafe Europa, 1925 All images from Wikipedia, public domain

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This collection of old photos and postcards shows some of the ways Slovenska cesta (also, for some years, Titova cesta) changed and stayed the same in the century, with each image showing buildings you can still see today as you walk along the newly, and mostly, pedestrianised street, with the only traffic now allowed being bicycles and buses.

1st half 20th 1758px-Postcard_of_Ljubljana,_Tavčar_palace_(3).jpg

Another view of hte Cafe Europa, early 20th century.

1911 1147px-Postcard_of_Cafe_Europa_1911.jpg

And another view, with Figovec restaurant just outside the picture on the left. 1911

2nd half 20th 1588px-Mestni_utrip_na_križišču_Dalmatinove_in_Tyrševe_ulice.jpg

Mid-20th century

2nd half 20th Postcard_of_Ljubljana,_Slovenska_street_(2).jpg

1950s. You can see Šestica restaurant on the left - open in 1776 and still running today

2nd half 20th Postcard_of_Ljubljana,_Ajdovščina_(2).jpg


2nd half 20th Postcard_of_Ljubljana,_Congress_Square_(10).jpg

1950s, and showing the edge of Kongresni trg / Congress Square

2nd half 20th 1596px-Živahen_mestni_direndaj_na_Titovi_pred_Hotelom_Slon.jpg

Hotel Slon on the right, 1950s

1959 Nova_bonboniera_na_Titovi_cesti_v_Ljubljani_1959.jpg



1959 1080px-Trolejbusni_promet_na_križišču_Titove_in_Dalmatinove_ulice_1959-60.jpg

The edge of the Tavčer Palace on the left, 1959

1961 Rušenje_treh_poslopij_na_Titovi_cesti_v_Ljubljani_1961_(5).jpg

Old buildings being pulled down in front of Nama department store, 1961

1961 1123px-Panoramski_posnetek_Ljubljane_1961_(5).jpg


1963 800px-Gradnja_instalacijskega_kolektorja_na_Titovi_cesti_1963.jpg

Roadworks, 1963

1965 Postcard_of_Ljubljana_Trolleybus_1965.jpg

Another view of the Tavčer Palace, with Figovec again just out of sight on the left, 1965

1968 Postcard_of_Ljubljana_Trolleybus_1968.jpg


1968 Ljubljana 1968 .jpg


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