Police Stop Hikers for Wearing the Wrong Shoes

By , 28 Jun 2019, 18:23 PM Lifestyle
Inappropriate equipment Inappropriate equipment Photo: Police Directorate Kranj

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June 28, 2019

While these days some complain about the heat, others look at the weather as perfect for trips.

Trips, however, can mean soaking in the sea or perhaps lakes, and close to lakes there are often mountains. However, the sartorial differences between a swim in a lake and a hike up a mountain are often not taken very seriously, especially by foreign tourists, who have been causing a lot of work for mountain rescue services in the past few weeks.

Good to know: Overworked with saving lives in situations that could easily be avoided, the mountain rescue service repeatedly pleads to mountaineers and hikers not to wave at helicopters if no help is needed.

Since many rescue missions happen due to hikers’ inappropriate equipment, local police and mountain rescue units occasionally check out the wannabe mountaineers even before they reach the terrain where difficulties might occur.

Earlier this week, a group of twelve heading towards Triglav lakes on the fastest route across Komarča, a quite a serious mountain to climb, was caught wearing the latest street fashions instead of something more appropriate. The rescue service, after taking some photographs, turned them around and sent them back to the Savica hut, the starting point of the trail.

The pictures were then published, for educational purposes, on the Police Directorate Kranj’s Facebook site, with a warning: only ankle-high mountain boots are appropriate footwear for difficult Slovenian mountain trails.

And thus note that worn down sneakers, the coolest trainers, and beach-friendly sandals are not considered safe footwear for Slovenian mountains. And, if we might add, dresses and skirts might hinder your climbing, too.

smooth soles.jpg
Inappropriate equipment                                             Photo: Police Directorate Kranj
nice sneakers.jpg

Inappropriate equipment                                             Photo: Police Directorate Kranj

nice dress.jpg
Inappropriate equipment                                             Photo: Police Directorate Kranj
planinski cevlji.jpg

Appropriate equipment                                                  Photo: Neža Loštrek

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