Survey: 75% of Slovenians Strongly Support EU

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Survey: 75% of Slovenians Strongly Support EU Wikimedia CC-by-0

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STA, 26 April 2019 - Some 75% of Slovenians who took part in the most recent Eurobarometer survey feel that being a member of the EU has benefited their country. On average 68% of Europeans feel this way, the highest share since 1983. However, 50% of respondents are displeased with the situation either at home or in the EU at large.

The research was conducted in 28 EU member states between 19 February and 4 March 2019 by the Kantar Public company. A total of 27,973 Europeans, including 1,032 Slovenians aged 15 years or more were interviewed for the survey.

Results show that the general sentiment of belonging to the EU has not weakened despite Euroscepticism. Some 61% of Slovenians and as many surveyed Europeans believe EU membership is a good thing.

Nevertheless, the challenges faced by the EU in the past have increased citizens' feelings of unease. Some 32% of Slovenians (27% of Europeans) see the EU as being "neither good not bad". The percentage of individuals who share that sentiment has increased in 19 countries.

Some 37% of Slovenians feel the EU is no longer on the right track, while 38% feel that way about Slovenia. On average, some 50% of Europeans feel that either the EU or their home country is not going in the right direction. Nonetheless, 51% of respondents in Slovenia and just as many in all of the EU believe their vote has the power to make a change.

When asked about the upcoming European elections, only one third of Europeans knew they were scheduled for May, and only 5% knew the exact date. Some 33% of Slovenians and 35% of all Europeans are very likely to turn out for the election, while 32% of Europeans remain undecided.

Citizens' opinions on which issues they find most relevant for the election campaign have changed in the past six months. In Slovenia, the fight against youth unemployment now ranks the highest (61% of respondents, 49% of all Europeans), followed by the economy and growth (55% of respondents, 50% of Europeans).

The issue of climate change and the protection of the environment is deemed the most important topic by 41% of respondents in Slovenia and by 43% of all Europeans.

Migration and the fight against terrorism are considered top issues by 32% and 21% of respondents in Slovenia, respectively, and 44% and 41% of Europeans.

In Slovenia, 41% of respondents named social rights of EU citizens and consumer protection among the most important issues for citizens. Food safety was highlighted by 38% of respondents.

Some 62% of Slovenians and 54% of all Europeans call for a more important role of the European Parliament.

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