2019 Brings an End to Free Plastic Bags, With More Restrictions to Come

By , 01 Jan 2019, 11:06 AM Lifestyle
2019 Brings an End to Free Plastic Bags, With More Restrictions to Come Flickr - Marco Verch CC-by-2.0

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STA, 1 January 2019 - Buyers in stores across Slovenia will no longer be able to get plastic bags free of charge as of today. However, free lightweight plastic bags will still be allowed at the fresh produce isle. The measure is a part of EU-wide efforts to halve the use of lightweight plastic bags to 90 per person annually by the end of 2019.

Buyers will still be able to buy plastic bags at the register, however the retailers are not allowed to set the price lower than wholesale.

The measure aims to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags per person from 200 a year to 90 by the end of this year and to 40 by the end of 2025.

Many Slovenian retailers no longer supply plastic bags free of charge. However, buyers may still get a lightweight plastic bag from the cashier, without having to ask, when buying frozen stuffs or cleaning supplies.

However, new Environment Minister Jure Leben announced after being appointed in September that Slovenia would soon impose a general plastic bag ban.

He has recently sent out invitations to retail chains for a meeting to discuss his plan under which plastic bags would not be available at the cash registers at all.

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