The Trail of Lights and Candy #2: Fairy Land Gorajte, Near Škofja Loka

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The Trail of Lights and Candy #2: Fairy Land Gorajte, Near Škofja Loka Picture:

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December 19, 2018

Up until December 28 those who still believe in Dedek Mraz and fairy tales can see their faith rewarded in an enchanted forest near Škofja Loka, where various characters perform stories from classic tales on a stroll with various stops among the trees, with the last one being with Dedek Mraz.

To make it all the more believable you can print out an invitation letter for your kid, sent straight from Dedek Mraz himself. To make the visit even more unforgettable you can also bring along a gift that will make his or her eyes light up in wonder when Dedek Mraz seems to have found the perfect item to hand over (although note that gifts should be in an A4 sized giftbag with the child’s full name written on it, and that the gift should be given to one of the authorities – perhaps an elf? – 15 minutes before the show).

The schedule for the shows is every day at 15:00 and again at 17:00, apart from December 25, when the elves take the day off. The show takes about 30 minutes, is free of charge and no reservations are needed either. Parents can go along the trail with their kids or keep warm at the mama and papa elf’s cottage at the entrance, where hot drinks are available, if the children are big enough to manage the adventure on their own.



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