Mobility Week Starts Today, Focusing on Sustainable Transport & Multi-Modality

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Cars are not the only option Cars are not the only option

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With a street festival on Ljubljana’s Slovenska cesta and free buses on Sunday, plus events all over the country. 

STA, 16 September - This year's Mobility Week, an event promoting sustainable transport, will be all encouraging people to use different environmentally friendly means of transport and combine various types of travel. As many as 74 Slovenian municipalities will take part in the campaign, which starts today.

The goal of sustainable mobility is to satisfy people's needs for mobility while reducing the negative impact of traffic, the Infrastructure Ministry said in presenting the project.

According to the Statistics Office, an average Slovenian travels 7,200 kilometres a year, which equals three trips from Ljubljana to Paris and back.

Cars remain the main means of transportation and there were more than 1.1 million cars registered in the country at the end of last year, meaning two cars per three adult inhabitants.

While Slovenians used their car for 68% of their journeys, they walked 21% of the way, cycled 4.5% and used public transport in 4.3% of the cases.

Ljubljana will take part in the Mobility Week for the 17th year, closing a large section of the main Slovenska Street in the city centre. Cars will be replaced by a street festival there.

On the last day of Mobility Week, Sunday September 22nd,public buses and municipality-run P+R parking will be free of charge in the capital.

In Maribor, several activities for secondary school and university students will be held, while the notion of sustainable mobility will be linked with a programme for active and healthy ageing.

In Novo Mesto, the national Traffic Safety Agency will prepare various demonstrations aimed at raising traffic safety.

In Koper, people will be encouraged to use the online application Bike Prints to join the Social Biking Challenge project and win various prizes. The main prize will be a bicycle. In a campaign promoting public transport, they can win annual bus passes.

Several municipalities will give special attention to school children, promoting walking to school in organised groups. In Tržič, pupils will take part in efforts to turn parking spaces into green public areas.

A full list of all the towns and cities taking park in Mobility Week can be found here

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