Find Out the Average Pay for Various Jobs in Slovenia

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Find Out the Average Pay for Various Jobs in Slovenia Pubic domain

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The US President Theodore Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy”, so read on at your own risk…

August 17, 2018

Of interest to readers working, or planning to work, in Slovenia is the website Plača, which claims to have surveyed 25,939 people in around 500 different jobs with regard to their current salaries. The site is in Slovene, but if you can’t read the language then the simple format means that Google Translate does an excellent job, as seen in the screenshot below.

salies by occupation 01.JPG

The fields you can search within, courtesy of Google Translate

Details of the methodology used can be found, in Slovene, here. In brief, data is collected by people completing a survey in order to receive more detailed pay comparisons in their field, with the data input being valid for one year. The data entered by users is subject to some cleaning with regard to obvious errors (negative values) and outliers, according to job, workplace and region, with the following chart showing the distribution for central Slovenia (including Ljubljana)


salies by area 01.JPG

The aim of the site is to provide data for employees who want to see how they stand in comparison with their peers, as well as job-seekers who want to know what to expect. The site is also used by companies that want to know what the industry standard is with regard to pay for various positions. For example, the average gross monthly salary for a translator in Slovenia is said to be €1,456, while that for an anaesthesiologist is €3,917.

If you haven’t already clicked one of the links, then doing so here will take you to the page listing the various areas of work.

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