Virtual Farming in Slovenia

By , 02 Dec 2017, 18:25 PM Lifestyle
Farming in south-east Slovenia Farming in south-east Slovenia Screenshot/YouTube

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Farming simulations a YouTube hit. 

You don’t have to dive too deep into the online Slovenosphere to find farming simulation videos, due to the sterling work by senicadoo, whose channel promises "Farming Simulator videos, news, mods and more." Their top video, with 8.48 million views, is the second most viewed YouTube video with Slovenia in the title, right there among the Eurovision hits and rain-soaked athletes, and they have three videos in the top 20.

A low-res simulation of using farm machinery to cut and move things, those unfamiliar with the genre may wait, with growing frustration, for any weaponry, crafting or chaos. There seem to be no sheep to mow or barns to set alight, no creepers hiding in the forest. This seems to be a game for those who see the open field of virtual reality, where one can be anyone, do anything and be anywhere, and decide they want to be a farmer, at work, in Dolenjska.

Except when it isn't.

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