July 12 in Slovenian History: Last Public Execution in Carniola

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July 12 in Slovenian History: Last Public Execution in Carniola Picture: Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto

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July 12, 2018

In 1865 last execution held in a public space was carried out in Novo mesto, when two women and one man accused of premediated murder were hanged on Marof Hill, where executions usually took place.

This was the last execution that took place outside prison walls in Carniola, as in 1867 Austrian parliament decided it was better to keep the criminals, dead or alive, in one place.

Executions remained open to the public, however, as it was believed they deterred criminal behaviour among the population. Seeing a criminal die a violent death was considered a good life lesson, especially for children, who were encouraged to watch such events.

Indeed, there were twice as many spectators observing the execution of the three people in this story than there were citizens in Novo mesto at the time, and a drawing of the three hanging from the gallows became a popular souvenir sold for many years to come.

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