Old Photos: Beekeeping in Slovenia

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Beekeeper and hives, Gradišče, 1950 Beekeeper and hives, Gradišče, 1950 Pavla Štrukelj

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A time-worn tale of love between human and insect. 

May 19, 2018

We couldn’t let the occasion of the first World Bee Day (May 20) go without notice, as not only is Slovenia home to the gentle and industrious Carnolian Grey, but it was also the prime mover behind this new addition to the calendar.

On this week’s trip the archives we thus pulled out a selection of old photos of vintage beehives and beekeepers, along with a few wooden men who accompanied the art, craft and culture of apiary in this nation, keeping hives their bodies.

All of these images were sourced from Wikimedia, and scanned by the Slovenski etnografski muzej, an interesting museum that's nearby by Metelkova, and no far from the general pedestrianised area. Many of the pictures were taken by Boris Orel, the focus of an earlier post looking at his work documenting folk material culture in Slovenia.


Painted beehive panels, 1952. Photo: Boris Orel


Beehives, Vipava, 1958. Photo: Boris Orel



Francka Lešnjak, beekeeper, 1952. Photo: Boris Orel



Beehive in a log, Rašica, 1960. Photo: Boris Orel



Front of a beehive man, 1950. Photo: Boris Orel



Back of a beehive man, 1950. Photo: Boris Orel


woeru uiqwe  .jpg

Beekeeper, Lome, 1959. Photo: Pavla Štrukelj



Beekeeper and hives, Rožnik, 1964. Photo: Fanči Šarf



Another wooden man, this one using his hand to provide a rest at the entrance to the hive, Kočarija, 1956. Photo: Boris Orel



Boys with some bees, near Soča, 1952. Photo: Boris Orel


Boris Kuhar 1964 Točenje_medu_pri_Poljančevih,_Male_Lipljene_1964_(11).jpg

1964. Photo: Boris Kuhar



1964. Photo: Boris Kuhar



1964. Photo: Boris Kuhar


Pavla Štrukelj Kapa_za_roj_okopavat,_Iga_vas_1962.jpg

1962. Photo: Pavla Štrukelj

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