President Pahor Discovers Why He Became Barbie

By , 23 Apr 2018, 11:23 AM Lifestyle
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Another amazing Instagram post by the President of Slovenia. 

April 23, 2018

The President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, has been in politics all his adult life, and somewhere in the middle of his career Pahor, never shy of his good looks, earned the nickname Barbika (Barbie), after the famous doll.

Most probably this name, like the popular nicknames of other politicians, originates from Mladina’s weekly political satire “rolanje po sceni” (laughing at the scene), a bunch of jokes on current affairs.

This Friday Borut Pahor published the following Instagram post and once again totally owned his nickname and what could, for others, have been an embarrassing reminder of a time best forgotten:


Dokopal sem se do neizpodbitnega dokaza, zakaj sem zdrasel v Barbiko. Za to je kriva mama, ki me je takole oblekla za pusta 1965. Mama, mama. #tbt #littleboy #pahor #barbie #masqueradecostume #mother #presidentpahor #president

Translation: I got hold of indisputable evidence as to why I grew up to be Barbie. It is all my mother's fault, who dressed me up like this for the 1965 Mardi Gras. Mother, mother. #tbt #littleboy #pahor #barbie #masqueradecostume #mother #presidentpahor #president)

Pahor certainly nailed this one. We approve.

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