How to Apply for a Tax Number

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January 8, 2018

Your tax number (davčna številka) is a registration number you receive after being signed into the register of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS). It is one of the basic documents that comes right after the residence permit, allowing you to function normally within the system. It is mostly used for tax purposes, but is sometimes also required if applying for some other, seemingly unrelated administrative service.

As one of the most fundamental documents, the application procedure is usually done in person instead by the use of the e-government service. The other two alternatives are that you send someone with the Power of Attorney to sort it out for you, or you can send an application in the mail. In the case of the latter, attach a copy of your ID to the completed application form.

If in person, bring a valid ID and a filled-out application form to the nearest tax office, where they will enter your data into the system and issue a personal tax number for you. In a few days you will also receive an official certificate with your number into your physical mail box.

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