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Voting Rights Registration in English Photo: Neža Loštrek

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March 4, 2019

Are you an EU citizen who recently received a letter from the Ministry of Interior in Slovenian but have no idea what it says?

In case you don’t understand Slovenian, here you can find the same document in English.

In short, by filling it out and sending it to the Ministry’s address, you are registering yourself in Slovenia for the upcoming EU Elections, to be held Sunday, May 26, and allowing the Ministry to inform your home Member State that you should be taken out of their voter registry.

The Ministry’s website states that the electoral rolls will be completed on May 10 2019, so if you’d like to exercise your right to vote in the Republic of Slovenia then fill in the form and send it to the Ministry as soon as possible.

Note that if the UK leaves the EU before July 1 2019, when the newly election MEPs will join the European Parliament, then Britain will not be holding these elections and UK nationals will not be able to vote anywhere in the EU. However, if there is an extension to the process, and thus the UK remains an EU member state beyond July 1, then Britain will need to organise elections. If it doesn’t, then the new European Parliament will be sitting without MEPs from all member states, leaving any decisions it makes open to legal challenge. As such, if you’re a UK national then keep this document and send it to the Ministry if it becomes clear that Britain will be holding European elections, a matter that should receive considerable media attention.

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