How to Vote in the 2019 EU Elections in Slovenia

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March 1, 2019

Non-Slovenian EU citizens can either vote for their EU representatives in their country of origin or in their country residence, but not both.

If you decide to vote for your representatives in Slovenia, we will keep you posted on the lists of candidates once they are agreed upon by the political parties. The lists have to be filed by the 26th of April, which is also the beginning of the official election campaign.

Across Europe voters will cast their votes between 23rd and 26th of May, in Slovenia elections are always held on Sunday, meaning the main Election Day is on the 26th of May. In case you are planning to go for a trip that Sunday, it is also possible to cast your vote on the 21st 22nd or 23rd of May at the headquarters of your area’s voting committee.

Each voter can only vote for one of the lists (a set of candidates from one or more parties, if the parties decide to cooperate) on the ballot, on which they are also allowed to cast a preferential vote for one of the list’s candidates.

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