Facts & Figures on Slovenian Ice Cream

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STA, 7 August 2021 - Ice cream is a popular treat in Slovenia - in 2018, the average consumption of ice cream at home in Slovenia was 3.9 litres of ice cream per person, 1.6 litres more than in 2000. A Slovenian household spends EUR 38 a year on average on ice cream, according to data provided by the Statistics Office.

Ice cream became more expensive last year, with a litre costing an average EUR 3.50 in shops, which is 19 cents more than the year before.

The price of a serving of ice cream with cream in bars and restaurants has also increased. Last year, a portion cost EUR 4.91 on average, 22 cents more than in 2019.

However, ice cream prices have not changed significantly compared to other food products. While food was 9.4% more expensive on average at the end of 2020 compared to 2015, the price of ice cream in shops increased by 0.1%.

Last year, Slovenia imported almost 6,000 tonnes of ice cream, valued at EUR 16 million, while it exported four times as much, almost 24,000 tonnes or EUR 70 million worth of ice cream.

The most exports went to the UK, more than 6,200 tonnes, followed by Germany with 4,200 tonnes. Germany also provided the most of ice cream imports to Slovenia - 1,900 tonnes.

The Statistics Office also found that several names associated with Slovenian ice cream can be found among the inhabitants and settlements in Slovenia.

Some of the best known Slovenian ice cream products bear the names Lučka, Tom, Maxim, Ježek and Kornet. At the beginning of this year, there were 561 women named Lučka, 358 men named Tom and 61 men named Maxim.

Meanwhile, Ježek and Kornet are surnames rather than names, shared by 78 people and 29 people, respectively. Some Slovenian ice cream products are also named after settlements, namely Planica, Otočec and Piran.

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