World’s First Monument to Blockchain Will Be Unveiled in Kranj

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And the roundabout now has its own website. 

March 11, 2018

Not content with having Europe’s first beer fountain, to be found in the hop-growing community of Žalec, or with hosting BTC City, the first city dedicated to Bitcoin (or maybe not), Slovenia will soon have the first blockchain monument in the world. Kranj, the country’s fourth largest city, is the site of this small shrine to the new technology. More precisely, and as per the press release, the statue of the Bitcoin symbol will be officially unveiled at 15:00 on March 13, on the roundabout at Cesta Staneta Žagarja, or 46°14'46.8"N 14°21'28.1"E, a piece of road infrastructure that now has its own website.

bitcoin monument kranj jkshdf.JPG

Image from the press release

The press release goes on to state that with the monument:

Slovenia will create and send into the world a message that emphasises its openness to digitization, its susceptibility to the use of new technologies and its hospitality towards progressive thinking, which aims not only at the optimization of everyday life, but also at interpersonal trust, transparency and cooperation.

The monument is being paid for by two local firms, 3fs and Bitstamp, while the city of Kranj will maintain it.

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