Proposed Change to Law Brings Uber, Lyft Closer to Slovenia

By , 11 Dec 2020, 17:48 PM Business
Proposed Change to Law Brings Uber, Lyft Closer to Slovenia Wikimedia

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STA, 10 December 2020 - The government has approved a proposal to amend the road transport act which introduces legal basis for digital labour platforms, such as Uber. The proposal sets down that drivers via these gig economy companies would need to get a licence. The amendments would also abolish mandatory use of taximeters for taxi drivers.

The proposal paves the way for innovative technologies in Slovenia's passenger transport which can enable service providers to exchange resources, time, knowhow and skills to provide new, expanded and lower-cost services to users, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) said on Wednesday after the government greenlit the proposal.

The amendments would change and streamline taxi services and put taxi services and private car and driver rentals on an equal footing by standardising conditions for using such apps.

Taximeters would thus no longer be necessary for taxi drivers. The Infrastructure Ministry had said that taximeters had been made pointless by digital platforms for transportation services, which enable the passenger and provider to agree on the price in advance.

The municipalities would also have a say in setting relevant rules since they would be able to determine the quality standard prescribing the type of a vehicle among other things. The ministry thinks such policy would enable local communities to pursue their environmental targets.

The amendments also include certain provisions making public transport more attractive to users and simplifying procedures for obtaining transit cards for professional athletes.

Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec announced setting up legal basis for digital platforms the likes of Uber in July.

Taxi drivers mostly oppose the changes, deeming such gig economy platforms unfair competition.

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