Supernova Rudnik Aims to Become the Most Advanced Shopping Centre in Slovenia

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Rendering of the finished centre Rendering of the finished centre All images from Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik

24 September 2020 - A cornerstone-laying ceremony was held today in front of the Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping centre, marking the beginning of a new phase of development – the phase of expansion and complete modernisation of the existing centre. At the same time, the construction of a joint parking garage also began in cooperation with E. Leclerc.

The ceremonial event marking the beginning of construction was, among others, attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek, Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković, founder of the Supernova group Dr. Frank Philipp Albert, founder of the MTK Group, a partner company of the Supernova Group, Tilmar Hansen and the Ambassador of France to Slovenia, Florence Ferrari.

In the opening speech, Dr. Frank Philipp Albert said that by expanding the existing shopping centre and building the new parking garage they want to become the most modern shopping area in Slovenia together with E. Leclerc:

After years of coordinating with our neighbour E. Leclerc, we finally joined forces and came together. We are in the process of building the largest parking garage in Slovenia, which will offer to its visitors more than 1,800 parking spaces. And after the completion of works on the parking garage, we are planning to start the renovation of the centre. When all the works will be completed, Supernova will become number one in terms of number of stores. We will have the most modern cinema in Slovenia, many restaurants and new retail brands. Regarding our investment, we received support by both the city and state authorities. The total investment in the expansion will amount to 70 million euros. I would also like to thank the Slovenian Railways, which will open a new railway station nearby for an even better connection.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek welcomed the large investment:

I am glad that the investors of the Supernova project have recognized the opportunities offered by our country. Today's event is, among other things, a sign that, despite the situation caused by an epidemic, new investments can and must continue. At the same time, this is a period of looking for new opportunities and mechanisms to restart the economy.

The fact that you are planning to employ 800 people with opening the new part of the centre is very encouraging, both in terms of growth and development of your shopping centre, as well as in terms of employment and creating job opportunities. Especially in this post-epidemiological period. I would like to thank the investors for their important contribution to the development of Ljubljana, raising the quality of life of the local population and their visible contribution to the development of the Slovenian economy.

rudnik supernova jankovic.PNG

Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković (left) and Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek (right)

 The Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, who is very optimistic about such large investment in his municipality, added:

I am glad that so many people gathered at the event, which represents such a high investment. Because of this investment, many people will be employed. I am looking forward to the opening and I am convinced that with this project, Rudnik will finally become one of Ljubljana’s socialising centres.

He further added that the parking garage will be also welcomed by everyone who drives to Ljubljana from other parts of Slovenia:

With the new parking garage, we will also get a new P + R parking lot. This way, everyone who comes from other parts of Slovenia will be able to leave their car here and go to the centre by bus, thus relieving the city centre of additional traffic.

supernova rudnik ljubljana shopping centre green.PNG

The extension will create 800 new jobs in Ljubljana

The total value of the investment of the expansion of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik for additional 20,000 square meters will amount to €70 million, and the opening of a new part of the centre will create 800 new jobs. The contractor will be the company Strabag, and the completion of all works is planned for 2022.

The newly built part will be fully integrated with the existing centre. The total sales area of this unique shopping concept will cover 50,000 square meters, while the whole building will stand on 65,000 square meters of land.

After the upgrade, Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik will become one of the largest and most modern shopping centres in Slovenia. With an additional 60 stores, spread over two floors, it will have a total of 130 outlets of well-known domestic and global brands.

The expansion project will take place in several phases of construction. Firstly, work will begin on the construction of a parking garage and then continue on the expansion of the Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping centre.

The semi-open type parking garage will be built next to the part of the existing parking lot between Supernova and E. Leclerc, while there will also be a new parking lot on the roof of the existing centre and its extended part. The parking garage, which will have 1,800 parking spaces, will be spread over four floors and be built according to the latest environmental and safety standards, with indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as a “green façade”.

The construction works of the joint parking garage started in mid-July, and it will provide direct access for visitors of both shopping centres. Completion of the first phase of construction of the parking garage is planned by the end of November 2020, when the part of the garage will also be open to visitors, and the final construction of the parking garage is planned for March 2021.

Grand opening with a rich offer and the most modern cinema in 2022

Also planned for March 2021 are works for updating and refreshing the interior and exterior of the existing centre, expanding it and building a parking lot on its roof. During construction, a sufficient number of parking spaces will be provided for visitors to both centres. Upon completion, the entire complex will have more than 2,500 parking spaces. The opening of the new Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik centre is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

The unique concept of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik, which will cover 2,000 square meters, will contain a rich shopping offer and various services and activities, such as outdoor children's playground, jump park, a movie theatre with seven screens and a food court called Gastro Oasis.

With an impressive architectural and modern interior design solution, the updated Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik will provide the visitor with an unforgettable experience of pleasant and relaxed shopping tailored to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

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