Liberland Blockchain Event Offers Free Currency and Knowledge

By , 14 Feb 2018, 13:33 PM Business
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Thursday’s event in Ljubljana aims to spread the world on a new currency and country. 

February 14, 2018

Thursday evening will see a presentation on two of today’s most intriguing issues, the future of the nation state and its relation to currency, with Liberland in Kriptovalute (Liberland and Crytocurrency). The event will be hosted by Denis Pirc, Liberland’s representative in Slovenia, and Yoshi Livo, a Liberland and blockchain enthusiast

Pirc will be talking in Slovenian about Liberland, the micronation that exists in limbo between Croatia and Serbia and was founded in 2015 as “a model national for the 21st century”, while Livo will give a presentation in English on cryptocurrencies, with a focus on bitcoin and e-Gulden in particular.

In keeping with the spirit of Liberland and blockchain, the event will be relatively free form in nature, with the presentations followed by the two hosts taking questions from the audience, with the aim of clearing up some misconceptions about these projects, showing how people can get involved, and some possible future developments.

The event will be held at the Chamber of Commerce (Gospodarska zbornica) at Dimičeva ulica 13, 1504 Ljubljana, at 18:30, Friday the 15th, and is free to enter, without any registration needed, although you can always click ‘going’ on the Facebook page.  As an added draw, in addition to meeting other enthusiasts, with around 50 expected to attend, everyone will also receive some e-Gulden.

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