37,500 Self-Employed Receive Second Monthly Corona Payment

By , 08 May 2020, 14:10 PM Business
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STA, 8 May 2020 - The Financial Administration has paid a second monthly basic allowance to self-employed, farmers and religious workers who lost their income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, transferring at total of EUR 27.5 million to more than 37,500 claimants on Friday.

The basic income was paid to those who submitted a statement by 30 April that the epidemic prevented them from doing business or severely affected its scope. The allowance amounts to EUR 350 for March and EUR 700 for April.

The list of 37,516 beneficiaries was published on the website of the Financial Administration.

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In late April, the administration transferred EUR 11.2 million to just over 32,000 claimants. They were eligible if they suffered a loss of income of at least 25% in March compared to February, or a 50% drop in April or May compared to February.

The eligibility was expanded under amendments to the coronavirus stimulus package that entered into force last Saturday to those whose revenue this year has dropped more than 10% compared with 2019. If they did not do business throughout 2019 or 2020, monthly income will be taken into account.

The eligible self-employed, farmers and religious workers are also exempt paying from social contributions.

Also exempt from social charges under the first stimulus package are companies affected by the epidemic.

From the time the epidemic was declared on 13 March and by the end of March, employers paid over EUR 90 million less in contributions, a cost covered by the state.

Such aid is available to companies that have put their workers on furlough because of a lack of work, as well as those that have remained in business despite the epidemic.

The state is paying salaries and social contributions for workers on furlough or those prevented from coming to work by a force majeure.

The companies whose staff continue to work are eligible for an exemption to social charges, if they pay a monthly crisis bonus of EUR 200 to each employee whose last monthly pay did not exceed more than threefold the monthly minimum wage.

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