Viberate’s Sick Festivals Tracks Cancelled & Postponed Music Festivals Worldwide

By , 23 Mar 2020, 15:19 PM Business
Viberate’s Sick Festivals Tracks Cancelled & Postponed Music Festivals Worldwide Screenshot

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You probably first heard of Viberate a few years ago, when it got written up along with the wave of blockchain companies based in Slovenia, with its key selling point being “music”. But while most of those of other start-ups failed to deliver on their promises, and many have simply disappeared, Viberate continues to develop and grow, with over 100 people working around the world on a variety of projects.

These are all based on a love of music, an understanding of the data associated with the business, and the value that can be added from analysing and applying it. In addition to working with industry professionals in the "live part" of the business (meaning musicians, festival organizers, venues, event promotors), Viberate also offers the Tonight Nightlife Guide app (Android and IoS), which in less viral times helps you plan a top night out in the various party cities of Europe, and a service to help music festivals develop their own apps. In short, it’s an exciting company, based in Ljubljana and going out into the world, one that’s well worth checking in on if you haven’t done so in a while.

Stay home and party with Umek, Slovenia’s own superstar DJ and one of Viberate’s founders

But why are we writing about a company that helps promote live shows when there are no live shows being planned? That’s because the good folk at Viberate, true to their flexible and dynamic origins have wasted no time to adapt to the new reality. They’ve set up Sick Festivals, a website that tracks which music festivals around the world have been cancelled or postponed, covering events in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. You can find it here, and in doing so reintroduce yourself to a Slovenian business that can help you plan your next big night out, whenever that is. And if you’re part of the live music industry then why not follow them on Facebook and keep an eye out some new solutions and features that Viberate is developing to help soften the impact of the current situation, which we’ll also report here when ready for release.

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