Večer Claims Govt Should Subsidise Ski Resorts to Allow All-Season Tourism

By , 13 Jan 2020, 12:55 PM Business
Večer Claims Govt Should Subsidise Ski Resorts to Allow All-Season Tourism YouTube screenshot

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STA, 13 January 2020 - The newspaper Večer argues in Monday's lead commentary that the state should help Slovenia's ailing ski-lift operators to invest into modernising their facilities and allow them to operate year round.

Given climate change and the projections that snow is not to be expected below ever higher altitudes, the paper agrees that millions' worth of investment into ski slopes at altitudes below 1,500 seems like throwing money out of the window.

"However, despite understanding climate change, the state should not just give up on ski resorts and leave them up to weather conditions and market rules."

The paper says that in that case most ski resorts would go bust, which would impact negatively on tourism, economy and jobs.

It cites a study commissioned by the Economy Ministry, which shows that one euro spent on a ski pass in Slovenia generates an extra four euro at the destination.

This is why it believes the question of why the state should bail out ski-lift operators should also take into consideration the multiplier effect, including the overall tax take.

It also says that ski resorts should expand their offerings year round.

"If the state transforms ski lifts into public infrastructure and allows new investment through subsidies, and if alpine centres focus on year-round tourism, we will be still skiing in Slovenia in 2100. It will only be three months, but mainly on account of visitors in the other nine," concludes the paper under the headline Skiing in 2100.

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