Postal Strike in Slovenia, Monday 11 November

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Postal Strike in Slovenia, Monday 11 November

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STA, 9 November 2019 - Postal workers in Slovenia will go on strike on Monday as the Trade Union of Postal Workers and the management of the national postal company Pošta Slovenije have failed to find common ground on the workers' demands, including higher wages, after the move was announced two weeks ago.

The strike was confirmed on Saturday after another round of unsuccessful talks, with Karmen Lebe Grajf, who represents Pošta Slovenije in the negotiations, announcing a new round for the next week.

The Trade Union of Postal Workers had announced the strike of employees of the national postal operator and its sheltered workshop for 11 November two weeks ago, saying that regular social dialogue would not do this time.

The union demands the number of employees to be increased by 300 so that Pošta Slovenije could meet its obligations and the workers could perform a normal number of hours.

It has also demanded a 10% raise in wages as they believe that the current wages are too low considering the nature and conditions of work.

The newspaper Delo reported at the time the trade union saying that the management of Pošta Slovenije had been rejecting its proposals in the past few months and had not been willing to talk about them.

Lebe Grajf recently said that the two sides had managed to come closer regarding certain points, while the demand for 10% higher wages remained open.

She said that a raise for 2019 and 2020 had already been agreed in February, and that an additional raise would have significant financial consequences on the company's operation.

"It would mean that labour costs would increase in 2020 by an additional EUR 12 million," she said, noting that the February agreement would increase operating costs by EUR 17.7 million.

In line with the trade union's announcement, the strike will start on Monday in the postal and logistics centres. All postal services the company is required to provide under the relevant law and the strike act will be provided.

According to Lebe Grajf, the strike will be felt when it comes to shipping of advertisements, parcels heavier than 10 kg, payment services and some other services, such as sale of goods.

Pošta Slovenije, which does not know how many workers will join the strike, added that the talks would continue next week, but not as early as Monday.

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