Timber Auction Sees Most Wood Sold Abroad, Around Quarter to China

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Timber Auction Sees Most Wood Sold Abroad, Around Quarter to China pixabay.com - stux, CC-by0

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STA, 13 February 2019 - The 13th annual auction of valuable wood in the town of Slovenj Gradec finished today. A record 3,706 logs were featured and the majority were sold abroad - almost a quarter was bought by a Chinese buyer. The sycamore maple was once again sold at the highest prices.

According to the organisers, the sycamore maple is still the most desired type of wood, used in yacht design, violin construction, or veneer construction.

This year's highest log bid for sycamore maple, offered by an Italian veneer producer, was EUR 15,389, which was not record-breaking.

There were other records though - the highest number of log owners, 566, most of whom came from Slovenia while some were also from the Austrian state of Carinthia, and a record number of assorted logs, 3,706, which estimated to 3,724 cubic metres.

There was also a record number of buyers, 39, coming from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, and a record number of bids.

The organiser Jože Jeromel told the STA that Chinese buyers were also present and one of them bought more than 900 cubic metres of oak, maple and ash timber, making him the biggest buyer.

Walnut, oak, larch and spruce timber were sold at fairly high prices as well.

The auction marked the first time state forest timber was offered. Some of it sold well, while some of it remained unsold.

EUR 1.2m were exchanged at this year's auction, said Jeromel.

The national Forest Service chief, Damjan Oražem, said that the auction had a bright future and stressed the importance of successful cooperation between the Forest Service and forest owners. In Slovenia, there are around 460,000 of them and they significantly contribute to the forest economy.

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