The Biggest Construction Company in the World Will Invest 660 Million in Maribor Airport

By , 01 Dec 2017, 11:55 AM Business
Maribor Airport "Edvard Rusjan" Maribor Airport "Edvard Rusjan"
 8 new flight destinations in 2018 and 3000 jobs estimated.

The company SHS Aviation which manages the Maribor Airport “Edvard Rusjan” has signed a 660 million euros agreement with the largest construction company in the world, China State Construction Engineering Corporation for renovation of the airport.As reported by the Slovenian media, the SHS Aviation procurator Marko Gros announced that signing the contract menas realizing the idea of joining another funding package by China's 16 + 1 initiative.The initiative is a part of the strategy that has been ongoing at Maribor Airport for one year, thus fulfilling the commitment given to the Ministry of Infrastructure with the signing of the long-term contract in March this year.The funds will be used to extend the runway, increase the terminal, increase cargo warehouses, hangars, hotel accommodation and the like.

The first phase of the plan is to extend the runway. So far the communication with the Ministry of Infrastructure has been going well as the state spatial plan is being implemented according to the plan agreed with the Ministry of Infrastructure, report Slovenian media.
The procedures for obtaining building permits and all pre-contract requests will have been completed by March 2018.

As they believe in the Municipality of Maribor, this is an extremely important strategic move that will not only influence the development of the airport, but as well the development of the city of Maribor, the surrounding cities and the whole region.
The Chinese company expressed their optimistic forecasts as three Chinese cities would like to have airline entry points in Europe estimating a high number of tourists and business travellers from Asia.

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