Investment: “Delamaris Resort“ Development Project Open for Expressions of Interest in Izola

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The planned development The planned development All images provided by HETA Asset Resolution

HETA Asset Resolution, a wind-down corporation ultimately owned by the Republic of Austria, is handling the sale of Delamaris, a prime touristic development project located next to the ancient fishing and trading port of Izola. It’s a town full of art galleries, artisan stores, cafés and gourmet restaurants, and one that still remains a relatively undiscovered tourist destination on the Adriatic. 

Since public roll-out of the details, the Delamaris resort concept has received strong support for various parties and stakeholders, including a Municipality-issued letter of intent.

small magazine building.JPG

The subject of offer is a building plot in the eastern part of the Izola town. The land next to the shipyard is currently used for manufacturing purposes. The property is occupied by mostly abandoned food production facilities that need to be demolished. The old fish processing and magazine building - the latter a warehouse that has been converted into an event / congress hall in the conceptual design images, and shown in blue above - are under cultural heritage protection, while in the middle of the land plot are the ruins of St. Pietro Church, under heritage protection, where a large square filled with greenery is planned.

The following images show some of the plot as it currently exists:

small 0646_150224_HETA_Izola_tovarniska_delamaris_poslovni.jpg

small 0648_150224_HETA_Izola_tovarniska_delamaris_poslovni.jpg

small 0649_150224_HETA_Izola_tovarniska_delamaris_poslovni.jpg

The revitalization project foresees a modern four-star spa resort with 270 rooms accompanied by private villas and an apartment complex. The fish magazine building would be transformed into a distinctive meeting and event venue, while the production facilities will be repurposed as a fusion of a unique fish restaurant and a fishery museum.

The property lies along the coast of the Adriatic Sea close to downtown, a park at the lighthouse and the city marina, and the immediate surroundings are characterized by commercial and residential buildings.

Artist's impression of the finished resort:

small Delamaris Resort 8.jpg

small Delamaris Resort 9.jpg

small Delamaris Resort 4.jpg

small Delamaris Resort 6.jpg

The land is accessible along the south and west sides. The plot will be easily reached from the H6 highway connection to the regional capital city of Koper, and Trieste, in Italy.

The property, which is one of five development land plots in Slovenia being sold for commercial real estate purposes and handled by HETA and Ernst & Young Svetovanje Ernst & Young Svetovanjeopen for Expressions of Interest until 16:00 September 3, 2018. More details can be found here.

delamaris details.JPG

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