The Slovenian American "Apple for Biologists" Wins a Round of 2.3 Million Dollars Seed Capital

By , 17 Nov 2017, 01:41 AM Business
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Could this be  a recognition of the quality of the Slovenian education as well?


The Slovenian American company called Genialis which emerged out of  Bioinformatics laboratory of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, recently  raised 2.3 million dollars of American and Swiss venture capital, but also from some private investors. Genialis, who earlier this year won the PODIM Challenge competition at the PODIM conference, the biggest and most influential startup event in the Alps-Adriatic region, builds software to empower scientists to find meaning in their data.

Genialis are committed to helping scientists find answers to humankind’s most urgent questions, from healthcare to world hunger to sustainable energy and are a leading provider of cloud software for the visual exploration of next generation sequencing data.

According to their CEO Nejc Škoberne they would like to become “Apple for biologists”, adding that they would enjoy serving as a knowledge hub for top scientists and their fields of study.The financing will accelerate the team’s expansion in the U.S. and commercialization of Genialis Platform.

Read more about Genialis and their success here.

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